of traffic signs throughout the Netherlands

Brickyard collaborates with partners in and outside the Netherlands to ensure better compliance with traffic signs, using camera technology. Our license plate cameras record the vehicle's whereabouts, license plate, and timestamp, (collectively referred to as LoKeT). The accompanying software system automatically checks the data in local and national databases. Enforcement officers (BOAs) can now swiftly identify violations to issue warnings or penalties. Partners commend the swift deployment and positive outcomes of our camera enforcement, noting significant behavioral shifts in road users and an enhanced quality of life in the municipality.

Verkeersbord C01


Closed for all traffic

Using license plate cameras, unwanted road users are prevented at the C01 traffic sign: the 'closed declaration'.

Verkeersbord C02 - Eenrichtingsweg, in deze richting gesloten

Traffic sign C02

One-way road, closed in this direction

Prevent drivers from passing the C02 traffic sign using license plate cameras: it is forbidden to enter from this direction - the 'one-way road'.

Verkeersbord C6 - Gesloten voor motorvoertuigen op meer dan twee wielen


Closed for motor vehicles with more than two wheels

Using license plate cameras, prevent the passage of vehicles with more than two wheels at the C06 traffic sign.

Verkeersbord C7 - Verboden voor vrachtwagens


Closed for trucks

Camera enforcement has proven to be very effective at the C07 traffic sign, which means 'closed for trucks' not intended for the transport of persons, with a permitted maximum mass of more than 3500 kg

Verkeersbord C7a - Gesloten voor bussen

Traffic sign C7a

Closed for buses

Ensure smooth traffic flow by using camera enforcement at the 'prohibited for buses' traffic sign.

Verkeersbord C7b - Gesloten voor autobussen en vrachtauto's

Traffic sign C7b

 Closed for buses and trucks

Traffic flows smoothly with camera enforcement at the 'prohibition for buses and trucks' traffic sign.

Verkeersbord C12 - Gesloten voor alle motorvoertuige


Prohibition for all vehicles

Efficiently close your road for all vehicles that have a motor and go faster than 25 km/h.

Verkeersbord C13 - Gesloten voor brom-, snorfietsers

Traffic sign C13

Forbidden for mopeds and scooters

Use camera enforcement at traffic sign C13 and create an effective ban on mopeds and scooters.

Verkeersbord C22a - Gesloten voor personen- en bedrijfsauto's of vrachtauto's met een dieselmotor vanwege milieuzone

Traffic sign C22a

Start environmental zone 0% emission

With license plate cameras, you virtually close the 0% emission environmental zone for polluting traffic.

Verkeersbord G7 - Voetpad

Traffic sign G7


Brickyard ensures a safe pedestrian area and better compliance with the G7 traffic sign using license plate cameras.

C18 - Gesloten voor te brede voertuigen


Prohibition for vehicles too wide

With traffic sign G18, Brickyard enforces vehicles that exceed a certain dimension