Brickyard received the order for ANPR camera’s, software, implementation, management and maintenance from the municipality of Nijmegen

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Brickyard has received the order for the European Public Tender ‘Supply of ANPR cameras, software, implementation, management and maintenance’ from the municipality of Nijmegen.

To improve the quality of life, the shopping and residential climate in our cities and to limit nuisance, twenty-nine municipalities are establishing one or more areas without emissions of harmful substances. We call these areas a Zero Emission or Zero Emission City Logistics zone (ZE or ZES zone). This means that vans and trucks owned by entrepreneurs in these areas must be emission-free from 1 January 2025.

The municipality of Nijmegen is one of these twenty-nine municipalities and will have three ZES zones from 2025, namely in the Center, Hof van Holland and Heijendaal. From that moment on, entrepreneurs may only drive emission-free vans and trucks. This includes vehicles that run electrically or on hydrogen.

A transitional arrangement is still in force for certain vehicles until 2030 and an exemption applies to a number of vehicle categories. In addition, there are also forms of exemptions that can be granted.
Ultimately, by 2030, only logistics vehicles in the ZE(S) zones will be running on hydrogen or electricity.

With this assignment, we, as the market leader in ANPR enforcement, are taking an important step towards preparing the Netherlands for the arrival of the ZES zones. Naturally, we are happy to share this knowledge with municipalities that are moving towards the ZES zones.

Would you like to know more about the use of ANPR enforcement in ZES zones? Send us an e-mail at We would also like to visit you to exchange ideas about this.

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