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What are scan cars used for?
Scan cars are used for various purposes, such as: verifying paid parking (fiscal parking) and Mulder enforcement including: detection of parking violations at taxi stands, short-term parking spots like kiss & ride areas, loading & unloading zones, disabled parking spaces, checking blue zones, enforcing environmental zones (pilot), enforcing parking spaces intended for charging fully-electric vehicles.
What is a scan car?
A scan car is a partially modified regular vehicle with a scanning unit equipped with, among other things, an ANPR camera system, a highly accurate GPS unit, and panoramic cameras.
Are scan cars expensive?
No. It's not necessary for the municipality to purchase the scan car itself. Through Brickyard, there are various options for the municipality to use a scan car without purchasing it themselves. Think of time-sharing the scanning vehicle; renting, leasing, or buying is also possible.
Is the technology of scan cars reliable?
What is a scan car and how does it work?
Scanning cars are purpose-built vehicles equipped with apparatus to scan and process vehicle license plates. This enables real-time collection of information about vehicle parking behavior, leading to more efficient and effective parking enforcement.