Camerahandhaving Rijswijk Brickyard

After the delivery of the camera enforcement system for the environmental zone in Rijswijk in early 2022, Brickyard has now also equipped the pedestrian area Oud Rijswijk and the Bogaard with camera enforcement to replace the old bollards. The old system with bollards was at the end of its technical lifespan and needed to be renewed. The license plate cameras replace the bollards (pollers) at the city closures of the pedestrian areas. The window times and the rules for an exemption remain intact. There is an adjustment period in the first few weeks. If you drive into the pedestrian area unjustly, you will receive a warning letter during this first period. After this period, in the event of a violation, you will automatically receive a decision via the CJIB.

A major advantage of camera enforcement compared to bollards is that enforcement can now also be carried out on mopeds and scooters. In the previous situation with bollards, mopeds and scooters could still enter the area by simply passing the bollards. This creates a pedestrian-friendly area for shoppers.

The photo captures: An ANPR camera is the city center of Rijswijk

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