Brickyard restores an open street scene on Escamplaan in The Hague


The Municipality of The Hague removed the two pollers on Escamplaan near the Hagaziekenhuis in 2023 and replaced them with ANPR cameras along with enforcement software from Brickyard. The camera enforcement system has been operational since the end of February 2024.

The pollers on Escamplaan have been the talk of the town on multiple occasions. Fifty motorists overlooked the road closures on Escamplaan. They abruptly stopped by one of the pollers.

To create a livable traffic situation and prevent high expenses for damage repair, the municipality decided to remove the physical barriers and replace them with Brickyard’s camera enforcement system.

With the camera enforcement system, unwanted road users are deterred through signage and cameras. Since there are no physical barriers, an open street scene returns, and the risk of collisions becomes a thing of the past. Another significant advantage is that emergency services and public transportation can pass through unhindered.

Since the end of February 2024, our enforcement solution, consisting of ANPR cameras and enforcement software, has been active in The Hague. To get accustomed to the new traffic situation, motorists and motorcyclists who continued to drive in the first month received only a warning. Meanwhile, this grace period has expired, and offenders are now being confronted with a penalty notice by the Central Judicial Collection Agency (CJIB).

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