IN TRENDBOEK MOBILITEIT 2023 (DEC 2022), Yorick Rohof discusses: Innovation within renewal of digital license plate enforcement

Yorick foto van artikel in trendboek

“Innovation and the continuous evolution of technology and software have been the guiding principles throughout my career,” says Yorick Rohof, Managing Director at Brickyard. “I first encountered license plate recognition at an organization where we integrated ANPR into vehicles which were converted into police cars. Subsequently, I was able to apply this knowledge and experience to the enforcement division of Taxameter Centrale (TMC). Brickyard has since expanded TMC’s enforcement division. Both TMC and Brickyard are now integral parts of the Waysis family business. Together with these companies, we have been pioneers in implementing this technology for enforcement purposes in the Netherlands…”

In the photo: YORICK ROHOF

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