Parkeerhandhaving in de gemeente: de scanauto

Parkeerhandhaving met een scanauto

Parkeerhandhaving zo efficiënt mogelijk maken? Zet een scanauto in als hulpmiddel. Met geavanceerde camera’s maakt het systeem vanuit praktisch iedere hoek, duizenden een scan per uur, en ligt de focus van de handhaver op de opvolging van voertuigen zonder parkeerrecht.

  • Completely automated enforcement
  • Continuous measurement of parking presence
  • Extensive reporting tools
  • Applicable for counting and parking presence
Parkeerhandhaving met de scanauto

Een scanauto is efficient

The scan car makes parking enforcement on-street way less labour intensive. Because the scan car makes hundreds of scans per minute and the backoffice only shows vehicles without valid parking rights to the processors, you only pay attention to vehicles that must be checked.

An enforcer can judge and process suspects on his PC behind his desk. Only where there is doubt, an on-street enforcer has to check it at the location. Using this method, the optimal efficiency is reached and more time is left for other tasks.

Scanauto - tablet in ZOE

Intelligente backoffice voor de gemeente

The scan vehicle forwars the pictures and associated data to the backoffice. Various databases are queried, which only leaves the offenders to be dealt with. Succession can be done directly on a desktop or at the car by an on-street enforcer. All actions, scans, and other information can be used to create valuable mobility reports: parked vehicles, parking pressure, cycled laps, total presence, and even the willingness to pay. This information can be used to effectively improve the quality of life in your municipality.
Enforcement has never been this efficient.

Analysis of parking occupancy

The scan car detects all parked vehicles and collects valuable information about the parking situations. The system does not only clarify the current parking pressure, the car also collects data so that the system can create reports; every time the vehicle is used, more data is gained and the information becomes more valuable
Reports can be used to make information-driven traffic and mobility choices, which increases the quality of life in the municipality. here you can read more about reports.

Scanauto: backoffice dashboard in beeld
Vier scan auto's - parkeerhandhaving

Opvolging scanauto resultaten

Parking enforcement has never been easier than with Bluebrick Select. The large touch display allows you to select suspects for follow-up the way you prefer; individually or per group. Follow-up has never been this efficient.

  • Overview on big display
  • Seamless collaboration between scan car and successor
  • Controllable from the backoffice
  • Real-time control of on-street parking rights

Brede handhaving doe je met Bluebrick Select

Bluebrick Select allows the enforcer to select a complete group of suspects that are nearby for follow-up. This allows the follow-ups to be fast and accurate and shortens the enforcement time, which allows the scan car to continue driving without being disturbed.

Other enforcers, that are close by, can easily help to temporarily increase capacity. For instance at a large parking lot with many suspects. Bluebrick select is built to make the follow-up as accurate and efficient as possible.

Scan auto + 2 keer Bluebrick Select

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