Nijmegen 02 (Middel)

Camera enforcement at the Waalkade bus lock in Nijmegen – Brickyard

When a relationship asks to quickly add cameras to an existing camera enforcement system, we at Brickyard are happy to fulfill that wish.

The municipality of Nijmegen wanted to expand its enforcement system on the Waalkade with two license plate cameras. Persistent nuisance from motor vehicles at this location was the reason for this. We can proudly announce that we have completed this implementation in record time in collaboration with the municipality of Nijmegen. Only 3 weeks passed between the request from the municipality of Nijmegen to register the first images with the new cameras!

The work carried out at a glance:

– Technical inspection by Brickyard

– Delivery of two ANPR cameras by Brickyard

– Assembly and installation by our general contractor Adriaan Blokland / Blokland Infra BV

– Adding extra facilities to the existing masts by Brickyard

– Providing the power supply by the Municipality of Nijmegen

– Linking the new cameras to the existing enforcement system by Brickyard

– Setting up the back office in collaboration with the Municipality of Nijmegen


The photo captures: Traffic sign on the Waalkade in the municipality of Nijmegen, Netherlands

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