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Urban mobility can take many different forms. Brickyard offers various solutions to optimize the mobility in and around the city. Our parking solutions, both pre-paid and post-paid, are the best known, but we can offer so much more.

Our access control and enforcement solutions help to regulate mobility and quality of life in the city and opportunities for hosting and solutions that take care of the complete electronic payment, make Brickyard the ideal full-service mobility partner.


Driving is in fact nothing more than moving from parking space to parking space. Parking is an important part of our mobility and of the infrastructure of a city. Brickyard offers several solutions to optimize parking management, from post-paid parking solutions to real-time parking occupancy measurement.

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Legislation cannot exist without enforcement. Regulating mobility, such as controlling parking and area access, as well as broader regulation like environmental violations and stray dogs require the right tools and solutions. Brickyard offers various solutions to optimize enforcement and therefore regulation.

Access control solutions

Some areas are not accessible to everyone; albeit from traffic, safety or quality of life point of view. Access control keeps the passage open and checks all passing traffic, while access provision uses a physical barrier to selectively allow access. Every situation demands its own solution.

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The Brickyard terminals offer many different payment means; coins, banknotes, debit cards and credit cards, but also new payment means like Dip & Go and contactless payment like Tap & Go.

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