Collaboration G4S and Brickyard starts with XPark!

Security company G4S and mobility company Brickyard share a vision and therefore see interesting opportunities for a collaboration between the two companies. The first cooperation agreement was signed recently, this was an XPark parking system at the G4S headquarters in Amsterdam.

Problem-free parking with XPark

Brickyard’s newest parking solution is called XPark. The innovative parking system transforms (shared) parking areas into smart parking areas, by controlling the access by license plate. Access is granted by the car’s license plate, and they may only enter if their user group has free parking spaces left. This year, Brickyard will start placement and instalment of the XPark system at G4S headquarters in Amsterdam, so people can park trouble free.

Shared vision

According to Yorick Rohof (CEO of Brickyard) visions of both companies fit together and that that’s the reason why the companies started cooperating. “G4S has services and solutions that create a safer living-, working, and home situation. At Brickyard, we try to steer mobility in the right direction and thereby improve liveability and hospitality.”

As market leader in safety and security solutions Michael Schrameijer (Director Business Development of G4S) also thinks this cooperation is a good choice. “Brickyard and G4S complement each other, especially in the field of hospitality. For example, we use our employees to increase hospitality for our customers, and so does Brickyard with their XPark parking solution. In the future, we hope to be able to set up great projects and create a more hospitable situation for our clients.”

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