New XPark parking system at Haarlemmerstroom

Brickyard is honoured to have placed yet another XPark system to create a smart parking facility at the shared office ‘Haarlemmerstroom’, where known parking issues will be solved by this implementation. All employees – who work at different companies – will be able to park in their designated spots.

The new XPark system went online last week at Haarlemmerstroom in Haarlem, the Netherlands. The multi-tenant office is managed by a company that is already familiar with XPark; Lingotto. Lingotto was previously engaged with the implementation of an XPark system at the ‘Kauwgomballenfabriek’ in Amsterdam.

Lingotto has decided to also implement XPark in Haarlem in order to facilitate the multiple tenants at the shared office. The tenants can now use the user-friendly web application to manage their parking spaces. The system also allows the companies to reserve parking spots for employees or visitors to create a good first impression. The sustainable ‘parking management system’ works without tickets, passes or tags. It works seamless by using license plate recognition at the parking barrier.

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