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The Bluebrick app assists the on-street enforcers, so that they can focus on improving the quality of life on the street. Enforcement in every way from parking to nuisance, Bluebrick allows you to work easily, error-free and information-driven.

Bluebrick is compatible with all modern smartphones and achieves maximum results with minimal hardware. The system is completely 'cloud-based' and can be managed with the web application.

  • App for every smartphone
  • Cloud-based backoffice
  • Adjustable user access
  • Legislation and regulations always available
  • Can be used offline

Enforcement has never been easier

An on-street enforcer wants a system that makes the makes the work easier and faster under every circumstance, this is guaranteed by Bluebrick. All the streets, facts, and offense codes are literally in your pocket, everything is already installed. Even if the phone is offline for a while, Bluebrick will still work.

Our system is connected to all the traffic- and enforcement databases that are necessary for the fastest real-time enforcement. Efficiency is key to our system!

Bleubrick - Handhaver bezig met controle
Bluebrick - Meerdere telefoons voor overzicht

Clear & fast

An important characteristic of Bluebrick is that the enforcer has a complete and clear overview on one screen. Using the same colour layout on both the app and in the back office, the enforcer always works in the same smart way. This ensures that mistakes are minimized and efficiency is maximized.

Easy to manage

The design of the Bluebrick backoffice is focused on the overview, made possible by recognisable icons and a clear display. As a back office-user you can easily filter on the receipt type to see the status in one glance: have they already been exported, paid for or must they still be processed. Keeping track of notifications and warnings is very simple, because you record all actions at user level.

All collected data is converted into information rich reports, these are designed to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life in the municipality. This allows the city council to work information-driven.

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Account Managers

Account manager - Benno

Benno Freriks

Account Manager Enforcement

Benno is the account manager for all enforcement solutions that Brickyard has to offer.
Scan cars, Bluebrick or Camera Enforcement, all questions about smart enforcement can be answered by Benno.

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This website uses cookies to provide you with the best user experience. More information about cookies and our privacy statement on this page.