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Management applications for mobility solutions used to be separate programs for every solution, this led to different log-ins, no shared data, difficult management and great dependence on the IT department.

Brickyard brings all solutions together in one management application; the Brickyard backoffice. Users have direct access to the enforcement application, receipt overview information-driven reports, and more!

  • All management applications in the backoffice
  • Open to third-party applications
  • Combine data into valuable management information
  • Brickyard backoffice as a base for smart enforcement
  • Cloud-based solution; can be used everywhere
Legostenen (modulair)

The management application

Based on the rights that are appointed to the user’s account, it is determined which applications will be visible. The ‘Brickyard backoffice’ is made up of modules – or “bricks” – that are available as a package or separately, which therefore offers maximum freedom and flexibility. By selecting more or less bricks, you choose which solutions will work in your municipality.

Combining data

Brickyard allows you to link and combine the mobility data, giving you an even better insight into the mobility of the city. Making the ‘Brickyard backoffice’ ideal to use for management reports, policy decisions and, of course, information-driven enforcement.

The Brickyard backoffice also allows you to connect to third-party applications, in order to truly be the base of all your mobility products.

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Account manager Brickyard - Benno

Benno Freriks

Account Manager Enforcement

Benno is the account manager for all enforcement solutions that Brickyard has to offer.
You can contact Benno for a thoughtful answer about:
– parking enforcement
– camera enforcement
– broad enforcement
– scan cars