Traffic Enforcement

Traffic Enforcement solutions

Brickyard assists municipalities by developing smart enforcement solutions that enable the on-street enforcer to work as efficient and safe as possible. This allows you to stay in control in your municipality, while the Brickyard software does the work.

The data which is collected by the enforcers with the Brickyard traffic solutions, will be transferred to useful reports by the 'backoffice'. These reports can be used to improve the quality of life in your municipality. All these solutions and tools are grouped together in one web application, so the enforcers can always work information driven and care-free.

Camera Enforcement

Access control

The purpose of camera enforcement is to adjust the behaviour of road users in order to improve quality of life in unicipalities. Without using on-street enforcers or physical obstacles, the system sees all offenders 24/7. Using the web application, an enforcer can check and fine offenders afterwards from his/her desk. An efficient, effective, and safe solution for everyone.

Camera enforcement is the least expensive, most efficient way to enforce an access control. Think about: cut-through traffic, environmental zones, bus lanes, and car-free zones. This can all be solved with camera enforcement by Brickyard.


The smart enforcement app

The Bluebrick app relieves the BOA, so that the enforcer can fully focus on improving the quality of life on the street. From enforcing parking violations to nuisances, Bluebrick will assist efforcers with their work without hassle, error-free and information-driven.

Bluebrick is compatible with all modern smartphones and achieves maximum results with minimal hardware. The system is completely 'cloud-based' and can be managed with the web application.

Scan car

Efficient and flawless parking enforcement

The scan car is the perfect solution for parking enforcement. The car drives like normal traffic and controls every car that it passes, this is made possible by the high-quality camera's in combination with the Brickyard backoffice. The result is an efficient and error-free control.

The fining can be done from a desk on a computer or the enforcers can fine on-street as succession, the scan car provides information which cars should be fined. All these options are possible because of the Brickyard backoffice in combination with the web application.

Brickyard backoffice

All enforcement in one platform

One management application for all enforcement solutions. The Brickyard backoffice allows the enforcer to manage and control all solutions, it also creates reports that assist to improve the mobility situation in your municipality. All in a cloud-based web application that can be accessed anywhere.

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Account Managers

Account manager Brickyard - Benno

Benno Freriks

Account Manager Enforcement

Benno is Account Manager for all enforcement solutions that Brickyard offers. Scan cars, Bluebrick or camera enforcement. Feel free to contact Benno for all questions regarding smart enforcement.

Michael Bresser

Customer Success Manager

As a Customer Success Manager, Michael knows all the ins and outs of Brickyard's enforcement solutions. In addition, Michael is a relationship manager 2.0 and he goes to great lengths to meet the expectations of the customer.