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An innovative parking system, suitable for every kind of car park. With XPark the visitor's first experience while visiting your building always is a positive one; a must-have for modern, smart office buildings! The user-friendly software in combination with the reliable hardware makes XPark the parking system of the future.

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Applications of the XPark parking system

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When they book a room, your guests can also reserve a parking spot. The moment they arrive, the guests receive a warm and personal welcome and the barrier will open automatically. Guests without a reservation can pay at the parking machine. And for staff spots can be reserved, so that your employees always can enter the site without problems.

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Multi-tenant office buildings

In XPark parking rights are key. If you have a parking right, the barrier will open automatically if spots are available. An employee with a guaranteed spot can always enter and park his car. Pre-registered visitors receive a personal welcome message upon arrival, which makes for a good first experience with your office; a must-have for modern, smart office buildings!

Apartment buildings

Residents can get a parking right that gives them 1) access to the car park and 2) a guaranteed spot. In addition, they can manage their own parking right and give access to their visitors through a personal XPark account. The manager of the building is able to keep an eye on everything and give access to unknown vehicles, such as taxis, delivery vans and construction vehicles.

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Public parking areas

XPark allows you to open up (part of) your car park to unknown cars. It's for you to decide whether these parkers have to pay for their using the park or not, or for a limited time. This is ideal for shoppers or visitors of your restaurant. And if visitors do not comply with your rules, you have the option to ban them from your terrain. The next time they arrive, the system will simply explain to them they're not allowed to make use of the park anymore, and the barrier stays closed. Hassle-free!

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Event locations

XPark makes it possible to welcome festival visitors in a hospitable and efficient way, whether the visitor has a reservation or not. Connect XPark to your booking system, and after use our extensive reports on user data to improve the setup for the future. Multiple locations can be managed simultaneously and seamlessly using our web application.

XPark on Demand

XPark is also available as a mobile system: XPark on Demand. The real thing with all features included, but it can be installed and removed within hours. The ideal parking system for events, temporary office locations, or as a trial version for your office building. No period is too short for a hospitable and user friendly parking experience.

How does XPark work?

The intelligent XPark software application uses license plate recognition to identify cars that want to enter the parking area. State-of-the-art ANPR / Stop & Go cameras are part of XPark's eco system. If the scanned car has a valid parking right, the barrier will open and the car is will be admitted to the car park.

Passes, tags or cards are no longer required and improper use of your car park will become a thing of the past. When leaving the park, the license plate is scanned again. XPark now can update its administration and a parking spot is available again for other users.

All parking data is managed centrally and can be accessed through the user-friendly web application. XPark allows the user to manage the parking lot, and provides the user with all relevant parking information. The application runs in the cloud and is an affordable and reliable solution, offering a positive user experience with low operational costs.

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Managing your car park with XPark

It's for you and your tenants to decide who gets access to the car park and who does not. This can all be set up and managed in XPark, which can be accessed on any device with an internet connection.

Several user roles and accounts can be set up and handed out to any type of user within your organization. A managing director, an inside sales employee or a receptionist. XPark's flexibility makes it all possible.

In our online Knowledge Base you can find all kinds of tutorials about XPark and answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Make money with your car park

Having complete control over your car park gives you the opportunity to earn money with it, even when the reception is absent. Think about all the parking money that is made in your area's on-street and off-street parking areas. XPark allows you to use your valuable parking spots to their full potential.

Make agreements with neighbouring companies, local residents or anyone who needs a place to park. You make the rules, they oblige – and pay. And if someone doesn't behave, you have the power to ban them. It's that simple.

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