Zwolle starts pilot with camera closure

kerkstraat zwolle

To exclude traffic from certain parts of the city, a number of cities already have good experience with number plate recognition cameras. Zwolle is now ready to also try the concept in a place where relatively frequent crashes occur by retractable bollards. If the concept also works in Zwolle, the city wants to replace more bollards in the centre with ANPR cameras.

Kerkstraat closed for traffic

The Kerkstraat in Zwolle has been closed for traffic some twenty years. First it was a bus lane, but since 2009, three retractable bollards completely close the road. Only buses, taxis, emergency services and vehicles with an exemption, such as midwives and doctors, may pass the street. They can lower the bollards.

No more crashes with cameras

Cyclists and moped drivers not always see in time that the retractable bollards come up again, which often results in crashes. The city of Zwolle therefore sought an alternative approach and has found the camera enforcement system from TMC. Cameras will soon scan the number plates of all vehicles entering the street. The number plates are checked against the database of the number plates of vehicles that are allowed to drive through the street.

Pilot for one year

The pilot in the Kerkstraat starts February 2017 and will last for about a year. Vehicles who make a mistake when entering the street after February 1, do not get an immediate fine. For the first offense, they receive a mailing in which the system is explained. A second offense will generate a warning, and only the third time the driver will be fined. The city will inform residents and transport companies about the changes in advance.

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