Workshop camera enforcement delivers solid material


Camera enforcement: It's there and it works! However, it is still some hassle. The possibility is by now widely known, but how it exactly works; that's a whole different story. On Thursday 29th June we organized a workshop on this form of enforcement. To separate the facts from the myths and put them in line. And to give handles to get started today.

A concrete roadmap

The participants of the workshop were from both cities who are already experienced with ANPR cameras for enforcement purposes, as cities who are just orienting. During the workshop the possibilities were discussed, the obstacles were discussed, experiences were exchanged as well as the lessons learned from practice. The result was a concrete roadmap for camera enforcement. What should you do and how do you do that?

Combine forces

The strength of the session was combining knowledge, insights and experiences from different perspectives. It provided inspiring material that helps cities with preventing cut-through traffic, reducing traffic in the city centre and for example stop scooters from using certain passages.

More informative workshops later this year

Later this year, more informative and inspiring meetings will be held. On September 14th, we will discuss the latest possibilities of automated enforcement. On September 28th, we will talk about modern parking solutions for business parks and on October 5th, preventing cut-through traffic is discussed. You can sign up for one of these meetings right now.

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