Virtual closure of downtown Amersfoort


In the city of Amersfoort, one can still very much feel the Medieval atmosphere. To protect this vulnerable location, access to the city centre has long been restricted for traffic using physical bollards. Now, the municipality has decided to replace the bollards by a system of virtual closure using ANPR cameras.

Bollards are regularly overlooked by motorists, but also by cyclists and pedestrians. This sometimes leads to accidents and a damage to vehicles, with accompanying claims.

ANPR access control and automated enforcement

Fortunately there is now an excellent alternative available. The city of Amersfoort has ordered TMC to replace half of the bollards (on 7 locations) by ANPR access control, in the first quarter of 2016. The other half will be replaced in two years.

Soon, high-quality ANPR cameras will record the number plates of vehicles entering and leaving the city. During certain time frames, suppliers and residents may enter and exit the city center. Whoever passes the cameras outside these time frames without a permit, will be in violation and can expect to receive a fine at his home address.

Thanks to the camera system, linked to the Brickyard enforcement back-office from TMC, the municipality can soon enforce the city closure fully automated, without the risk of injury and / or damage.

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