Unique parking meters and sensors for Marken


In the small tourist village of Marken (Waterland municipality), TMC will soon install three unique payment terminals at the large parking lot just outside the village. In addition, smart parking sensors will ensure that buses don’t overstay their parking space, waiting for their passengers.

Marken is a colourful peninsula in the lush, green Waterland municipality. The picturesque village is a unique attraction and visitors who come by bus, motorcycle or car, park at the large parking lot just outside the village. Here one must pay their parking fee and tourist taxes for the number of people that are visiting Marken. The Waterland municipality wants to automate the payment process as much as possible.

Only with Strada

The municipality prefers a parking machine, albeit a special one. One which makes it possible to indicate what type of vehicle you have, with how many people you have come and how long you would like to park, 1 day, 2 days, etc. And it seems there is only one machine on the market that it can do that: The Strada T-Pal from TMC!

Soon TMC will install 3 of them at the Marken parking lot. The machine displays clearly show a number of questions to the parker. The parker uses the keyboard on the machines to answer the questions, the total costs are then calculated and the payment can take place.

Smart sensors for time limited parking

But there's more. Coaches are allowed up to 15 minutes of parking, for loading and unloading their passengers. If they wish to stay longer, they also have to get a parking ticket from the machine. To support the enforcement of this time limited parking, TMC will install SmartEye sensors in each bus parking bay. Now the enforcement agent can remotely see when a bus is parked for longer than 15 minutes and can act accordingly. On March 1 of this year the system will be operational, but there will be a transition period.


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