Trial successful: Amersfoort extends camera enforcement


Prolonged because of great success! The city of Amersfoort will install more ANPR cameras after a successful pilot of enforcing the restricted access to the city centre. Silently and carefree, because the system has only advantages.

Good policy: nothing more to do

For years, the city centre of Amersfoort has been restricted for traffic within fixed window times. That policy works well: it keeps the beautiful old centre pleasantly accessible for pedestrians. Only the way in which the city enforces that restricted access will change with the arrival of the cameras.

The side effects of bollards

Until recently, bollard systems were used to close the city centre. A great solution but with a number of side effects. Bollards are relatively expensive to purchase and maintain, but more importantly, accidents are difficult to prevent. Despite clear signage, a couple of times a year a car crashes in to them and cyclists overlook the post, with material, physical damage and even human suffering as a result. Dealing with the damage costs a lot of time and effort, including legal settlements.

Cameras; only benefits

Fortunately, there are alternatives to the bollard with only advantages: ANPR cameras from Brickyard's TrafficEnforcement. They are not that expensive anymore nowadays. They are virtually maintenance-free and enforcement is well organized. With a simple back-office, the enforcer can check the images from behind his desk, confirm violations and forward them to the fine processing organisation.

ANPR camera pilot successful

In an earlier article we wrote about the test that Amersfoort did with ANPR cameras during the last year. That test may now be called successful. And so cameras are installed at the remaining locations. All bollards will soon be removed, leaving a neat street scene with rather inconspicuous tilting masts with cameras hanging at a height. A transition that is expected to proceed carefree, just like the test.

No acceptance problems

When asked what the citizens of Amersfoort think of the cameras, there is a short silence. There are only a few questions about privacy and comments about the look of the climbing protection on the masts, but the acceptance is actually noiseless.

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