Traffic, Mobility & Parking Exhibition 2016

vmep2016 stand

Our camera enforcement system received much attention at the Verkeer, Mobiliteit & Parkeren 2016 (Traffic, Mobility & Parking) exhibition in Houten, late November. The presentation of the new pursuit enforcement app which TMC has developed together with the city of Delft, was a great success.

Virtually on the scooter

On 23 and 24 November our attractive stand was at the Verkeer, Mobiliteit & Parkeren 2016 (Traffic, Mobility & Parking) exhibition in Houten. Like the Intertraffic visitors could again put on VR glasses to take a virtual on the scooter under the Rijksmuseum to experience our camera enforcement system. And again, this in turn led to the necessary hilarity. We had two valuable exhibition days with fascinating encounters and good conversations.

Bluebrick Pursuit enforcement app

Ton Cornax, Head of Monitoring & Enforcement of the city of Delft, gave a fascinating presentation on the Bluebrick Pursuit enforcement app the Parkeerbeheer Congres (Parking Management Congress) which was held during theexhibition. Delft uses the TMC scan car. It creates a list of potential offenders, which are checked by enforcers. Bluebrick Pursuit app runs on a tablet and displays the suspect list in a logical sequence on a map. This offers the city a great efficiency advantage.

Brickyard also shown

Using our central Brickyard back-office environment, we showed our Camera Enforcement and Camera Parking systems. The interest in these modern enforcement techniques is increasing rapidly. We also discussed the possibilities of paying at the parking meter with a loyalty card; this system offers advantages for cities, consumers and entrepreneurs.

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