TMC supplies Rotterdam with 7 scan cars


City of Rotterdam has recently issued the final award for the biggest contract ever in the Netherlands for scanning vehicles. According to the award report of the municipality TMC is "the best supplier of number plate scanning technology for Rotterdam" and may supply Rotterdam with 7 ScanGenius scancars to aid parking enforcement, enforcement of the low emission zones and for detecting defaulters. They offer the enforcement agents new ways to carry out their work more efficiently and effectively.

Number plate parking

A year ago, the city of Rotterdam switched to ticketless number plate parking. A parking ticket behind the windscreen is not necessary anymore, but enforcement agents still have to walk the streets with their handheld equipment to check every car for a valid parking right.

By choosing for the ScanGenius scancars from TMC, the enforcement agents of the city of Rotterdam can soon check for parking right while driving through the city. The cameras in the special "roofbox" on top of the vehicle scan the number plates of parked cars. The plate numbers are instantly checked whether a valid parking right is issued. In addition the centre of the scanned car is calculated highly accurate, which makes it even possible to determine whether a car is parked (half) on the pavement. For the enforcement agents this is an enormous efficiency increase, they no longer need go by the cars on foot.

Low emission zones

Besides checking for valid parking rights, the scancars will also be used to check the low emission zones. As of January 1st, 2016 this measure will be expanded, both geographically and in terms of vehicle requirements, to improve the air quality in the city. The scancar cannot only check parked cars, but also running vehicles, and determine whether the car meets the admission requirements of the low emission zone based on the scanned number plate. In addition, the scancars offer the possibility to identify vehicles of so-called "defaulters".

The scancar solution of the city of Rotterdam is, after the city of Delft, the second instalment from the TMC and ARVOO Imaging Products. Rinus Bruinsma, commercial director of TMC explains: "With these scancars Rotterdam has the latest available technology to organize their enforcement more efficiently in the coming years. This allows the enforcement agents more time for providing assistance and information and thus improve the quality of life on the street."

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