TMC offers 24/7 professional intercom handling


TMC can take care of your complete intercom handling. We now have a professional call centre available, which operates 24/7, 365 days a year. We answer your visitors, offer information and troubleshooting. In addition, we provide management information with monthly reports on the number of calls and faults. 

We offer this service to customers who have a parking lot or parking garage which is still in use after the local manager heads home. Visitors get access and assistance any time, day or night. We answer the intercom call within seconds.

It is possible to extend this service with additional services. For example, in order to obtain management information like ticket inventory, coin change inventory and required maintenance and we can also provide video assistance. Fixed camera setups make it possible to remotely assist parkers and keep a good overview. Optionally, we even offer video for (criminal) investigation purposes.

TMC also offers these services when the parking system is not from TMC. In addition, as a certified APSP (Merchant Payment Service Provider) TMC can handle the processing of electronic payments for its own payment terminals and also for those from third parties.

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