TMC introduces Dip&Go at the barrier


During the day the car park at the Nassaukade in Amsterdam is only open to permit holders from a nearby company, in the evenings and in weekends its open for short-term parking. TMC replaces the parking equipment for a fully ticketless system. Short-term parkers insert their debit card while entering and leaving the car park, the parking fee is automatically deducted from their bank account.

With the replacement of the parking equipment TMC brings ultimate parking convenience. The Abacus parking system can easily manage the different parking times and allows for easy distinction between the permit holders and short-term parking. Permit holders may park on weekdays during the day, they enter and exit using a special contactless access card.

Dip & Go at the barrier

In the evenings and in the weekends the car park is open for short-term parking. The system does not use parking tickets, instead the debit card is the "parking ticket".

Upon entering the parker inserts his debit card at the entrance terminal, after which the barrier opens. When leaving the car park, he inserts his debit card at the exit terminal, the barrier opens and he can leave the car park. A payment terminal is not necessary, the parking fee is automatically deducted from the parker’s bank account. Amounts higher than 50 euros can be paid using a credit card.

The car park at the Nassaukade is the first location where TMC supports this type of Dip & Go. In addition to using debit cards, the system can also be used with petrol station loyalty cards such as the MultiTank Card.

Total care

For the parking manager this area is the ultimate in convenience; TMC provides complete care for the facility. In addition to the 24/7 handling of the intercom TMC provides full maintenance. During a weekly inspection, preventive maintenance is carried out and the area is checked for possible debris. The second- and third-line corrective maintenance is also performed by TMC.

With Dip & Go a payment terminal is unnecessary, which reduces the risk of errors, which leads to lower operational costs. All this makes the new parking system easy to use for both the administrator and the parkers.

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