TMC installs ANPR camera's at Rijksmuseum


After the reopening of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, the tunnel under the museum also reopened to cyclists. Mopeds and scooters however may not use it. Until now traffic wardens were responsible for enforcement.

TMC has installed ANPR cameras both on the side of the Museumplein as well as the Stadhouderskade that monitor the entire tunnel. The special cameras scan the license plates of all passing mopeds and scooters. The cameras can easily read the small plates from a great distance. The installation will first be thoroughly tested, at a later moment the cameras are turned on and actively check passing mopeds and scooters.

ANPR access control

Besides checking mopeds and scooters, the ANPR access control system by TMC is suitable for various applications. The system replaced a retractable bollard at a bus lane in Leeuwarden. Collisions are now a thing of the past, leading to lower maintenance costs. In Zeist, the system checks a closed area and residents can manage their permits themselves online. Also things like low emission zones or controlling one-way traffic can be monitored and handled with the same flexible platform.

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