Ticketless is 'in Fashion'!


The Westcord Fashion Hotel Amsterdam wants user friendly parking at low investment and maintenance costs. They chose the ticketless Designa Abacus system, which TMC will install soon.

Modern solution for hotel guests

Commissioned by Ceteq, the Westcord Fashion Hotel in Amsterdam-West gets a convenient new parking. It shares the parking garage with the adjacent residential complexes owned by housing association Alliance. The residents have their own parking system that operates based on number plate recognition cameras. For guests, a new solution is installed.

Without tickets and cashless

The Designa Abacus entry and exit terminals, which operate without tickets and cashless, form the heart of the solution. Because the system has to function without an administrator on site, such a system is preferred. It run in a Cloud environment, allowing maximum guaranteed system uptime and the system will always be up to date.

Low cost, great convenience

Advantages of this system are the low investment costs by the absence of a payment terminal, the reduced operating costs because of a ticketless system and the very high user-friendliness for guests, which improves the attractiveness of the hotel for guests.

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