Technical upgrade for Hofplein parking in Rotterdam


The Hofplein parking garage in Rotterdam is currently being renovated. The new manager has asked TMC to install a modern entry and exit system including ANPR cameras. Recently the advanced Designa Abacus Blue Edition cloud based parking system was installed, which combines several modern techniques to best serve different types of users.

Number plate recognition

Upon entering the number plates are scanned by the ANPR cameras. Registered parkers such as tenants and subscribers can access based on their number plate. Visitors can also reserve a parking space using an online booking engine. Upon entering the garage a rolling door opens when the number plate is recognized.

The flexible solution makes it possible to have the garage occupation optimized; in case of overcapacity the empty spaces are available for short-term parking, which can pay their parking ticket at one of the payment terminals.

hofpoort installatie

No server, but with analyzed intercom

The entire parking system is running in the cloud; there is no physical parking server on location. There is still a fully integrated intercom system which uses of the latest VOIP technique. This makes it possible to analyze all intercom calls. Think about the response, duration of calls, etc. In this way one can manage on optimum customer satisfaction.

Safety in the garage

For additional security in the unattended garage TMC also installed vandal proof CCTV dome cameras. Hofplein parking is now easily accessible to different types of users, well occupied and is less susceptible to errors in the access system, so operating costs are relatively low.

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