Stockholm does more with the Brickyard scan car


You can do more with the scan car than you think. Recently we drove the first test rounds in the city of Stockholm and doing so made an analysis of the parking occupancy rate. Combine this with the analysis we made of the willingness to pay and in the next step we will predict where you can find a free parking space.

In May, our scan car was on a road trip to the far north. The city of Stockholm has invited Brickyard to participate in the Stockholm Smart Traffic City project. By driving around in the city, we determine the total occupancy rate at that specific time, simply by subtracting the number of detected parked vehicles from the total number of available parking spaces.

Combine heat maps

By linking to the paid parking systems (parking meters and parking apps) we have also determined the willingness to pay per parking zone. By superimposing the heatmaps of these 2 analyses, a world of possibilities opens up.

In the next phase we will combine this information, so we can predict where you have the biggest chance of a free parking space. The more often the scan car drives, the more accurate the predictions become.

So also interested in 'parking probability'? Contact us now and who knows, we will also predict where the best place to park is in your city!

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