State-of-the-art technology for Turfmarkt parking garage in Den Haag


The city of Den Haag chose a state-of-the-art solution for the Turfmarkt parking garage. The parking system runs on a central, secure server in the cloud, works ticketless, with Dip & Go at the barrier and electronic payments are handled by TMC. In short, total care!

The Turfmarkt parking garage in Den Haag is being renovated. The city wants to have a temporary parking system in place, which can operate without manager. There is no room for a parking server on site, so the system has to run in the cloud. For questions, parkers can use the intercom post connect to a remote manager.

Abacus in the cloud

At the Turfmarkt parking garage, TMC installs the Abacus parking system by Designa. This is a cloud-based system, thanks to the state-of-the-art ASP solution Designa has launched recently. The software and data are stored on a centralized, maximum-security, high-end server, which in terms of both hardware and software is always up to date. Thus stored data are reliable, the uptime of the system is maximized and excellent service is guaranteed.


Parkers will be able to enter and exit at the Turfmarkt parking garage by just entering their bank card. 'Dip & Go at the barrier' is very user friendly, visitors no longer need to go to a payment terminal to pay their parking fee. Operational costs are low and the system has significantly fewer failures because no tickets are used.

Total care with electronic payments

TMC is a, by the Betaalvereniging Nederland (Payments Association Netherlands) certified APSP (Merchant Payment Service Provider). For the Turfmarkt parking garage, TMC will take care of the entire electronic payment process and financial flows, which means; total care for the city of Den Haag.

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