Special ANPR camera usage at Q-Park parking garage in Stockholm


ANPR cameras can of course also be used in car parks, as we see in a Q-Park parking garage in Stockholm. Here we will use double number plate recognition to control access to the permit holders-only parking level.

TMC is getting more and more active abroad. At the moment we work on a project for Q-Park in Stockholm, Sweden. The Luntmakargatan parking garage has two levels, the upper level is for permit holders only. Visitors can use the lower level and have to pay a parking fee. There is no barrier between the levels, visitor can drive freely from the lower to the upper level. Checking for correct usage of the parking spaces is done physically by the manager, but this is very labour intensive.

Cameras and control in the back-office

This problem is easily solved with ANPR cameras from TMC. At the Q-Park garage we will be placing two ANPR cameras, which scan the number plates of cars that drive from the lower to the upper parking level. Number plates the system cannot to link to a permit holder are placed on an offenders list. The enforcement department receives an alert via e-mail. After examining the accompanying photos in the back-office they can decide to go check on site. The owner of a number plate which has no parking permit will be fined.

Double number plate recognition

Number plates in Scandinavia get very dirty under the influence of the winter weather. They are therefore harder to read for the cameras. In order to overcome this problem, we will place two cameras. One reads the plate on the front of the car, the other one simultaneously reads the rear plate. Software combines both scans into one registration, for an optimal hit rate.

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