Slimpark parking system for marina in Drimmelen


The sailing season is a busy time for the marina in Drimmelen. The marina, shipyard, beach club and recreational lake receive many guests at this time. To regulate the parking pressure and limit illegal parking, TMC will install the Designa Slimpark parking system.

High parking pressure

Drimmelen, located in Noord-Brabant, next to the Biesbosch nature reserve, is a large marina complex. During the sailing season the Biesbosch marina, Drimmelen Yacht Center shipping yard, beach club Pure and the recreational lake receive many visitors. Parking pressure is high and illegal parking on the roadside leads to a lot of inconvenience.

To regulate parking in this complex, TMC will install the Designa Slimpark parking system. The car park of about 1,000 places will receive a neat entrance and exit with barriers and ticket terminals, and 2 cashless payment terminals will be installed.

Different user groups

The parking system supports different user groups. Within the complex there are short term parkers, personnel of the companies and there are subscribers. The latter two groups are given a barcode card to open the barriers. Short term parkers get a parking ticket which they use afterwards to pay at the payment terminals.

At peak periods, in case of an event, the system supports so-called event tickets. The gates at the entrance are open, which allows for greater drive-through capacity. Stewards sell parking tickets at the entrance that the event visitors can use to leave the premises.

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