Significantly less interference with ParkClean


Did you know you can avoid a lot of equipment malfunctions? This is possible just by cleaning the equipment regularly. Contamination appears to be a major cause of problems. With the products of ParkClean this can be responsibly and easily done.

Regular preventive maintenance prevents problems

Parking meters are complex devices, made with a variety of components and sometimes fragile parts. Regular preventive maintenance prevents interference and ensures continuity of the equipment. This preventive maintenance can be super easily done with the special cleaning products of ParkClean.

Suitable for all parts

These products support preventive maintenance of parking equipment, closure systems and handheld devices. They protect against contamination of dirt-sensitive, vital parts and of the housing and the display. These cleaning products can be used for a thermo head printer, a banknote reader, a smartcard reader, a magnetic card reader, a display, a coin selector and plastic and metal surfaces.

Also remove graffiti

ParkClean has also developed products for cleaning rubber rollers, plastic parts and for removing graffiti. Important to know is that ParkClean is very friendly to the environment. Would you like to try the products or would you prefer a complete package for your mechanics? There are special boxes containing cleaning composed by product type.

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