Shiny parking guidance at City Hall parking garage Almere

easyguide almere

The city of Almere has a scoop! To improve traffic flow in the Stadhuis (City Hall) parking garage, the city chose the EasyGuide parking guidance system. Almere is the first in the Netherlands to use this clever TMC product to maximize parking utilization; a product with a more than excellent price-performance ratio.

EasyGuide has many benefits

EasyGuide will soon guide visitors of the Stadhuis parking garage quickly and effectively to an available parking spot. The clever system optimizes the utilization of parking spaces, realizes faster traffic flow and brings the number of damages down. Additional benefits include a ease of use and less air pollution, while the product offers an excellent price-performance ratio.

Floor sensor and ceiling indicator

The EasyGuide system consists of a floor sensor, which connects to a ceiling indicator with an infrared signal. If a car is parked above the sensor, the signal becomes is interrupted. The indicator then knows that the place is occupied. The bright LED light of the indicator now shows a red instead of green light. The LED light above the parking spaces can be seen from a distance, which leads parkers straight to an available spot.


EasyGuide is as easy as it sounds. There are only four parts and there’s no need to incorporated anything. The system is low-maintenance, easy to operate, autonomous and reliable. A software system is linked to the sensors and counters that records all associated data. The management reports help the city of Almere to better understand the use of the parking garage in order to further optimize it.

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