Seven ANPR cameras protect the city of Amersfoort

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In less than no time, TMC installed seven ANPR cameras in Amersfoort. Helping to protect the vulnerable city centre, but still keep it accessible for residents and visitors. Next year another seven camera positions are planned.

The city of Amersfoort put the first seven cameras from their TMC ANPR access control system into operation. The cameras will help the city to protect the vulnerable parts of the historic city centre. Parts which are open only to residents with a permit and for emergency services. Suppliers can also access these areas, but only during set block times.

Affordable enforcement

The cameras register number plates of anyone who enters the area without a permit and the offender receives a fine at his home address. This way, the cameras help the city of Amersfoort to enforce the city closure. The cameras replace the bollards which closed the city for many years. Cameras are less susceptible to interference, require less maintenance and are therefore more economical to use.

Fast deployment

The camera experts of TMC have gained a lot of knowledge. They can advise an guide our customers when starting with ANPR access control. It is not without reason that we had the cameras up and running in just two days. If in the coming year everything is going according to plan, we will install another seven ANPR cameras next year.

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