ScanGenius completes its first laps in Rotterdam


Since Monday, September the 28th, the first ScanGenius scan car drives around the city of Rotterdam. The City Management Department now has the latest technology for even more efficient enforcement. The distinctive Toyota Auris Hybrid is equipped with a special "roofbox", with 6 number plate recognition cameras that scan the number plates of all the parked vehicles.

When the scan car detects a vehicle where no parking fee is paid for, an enforcement following the scan car on a scooter receives a message on his PDA. When arriving at the car, he will check again, and if indeed no parking fee is paid, leaves an announcement for the parking fine behind the window wiper. Starting next year, the announcement will be omitted, offenders get their fine directly in their mailbox.

The scan car will also be used to monitor the environmental zones in the city. Trucks that emit too much particulate matter and nitrogen, are prohibited in the Rotterdam city centre. The scan car directly detects whether passing vehicles meet the applicable requirements.

After this initial scan car, the fleet will slowly but surely be extended, which means an enormous efficiency increase for the City Management Department.

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