Scan car to enforce blue zone parking areas in Brussels


Checking a sizeable blue zone parking area almost completely automated: it is possible as the company Rauwers will show in Brussels. With the ScanGenius scan car and our scan tablet, which helps the enforcement agents to see where to go using the smartest route.

Blue zone parking area

On June 15, the company Rauwers received the very first Belgian scan car. Rauwers is responsible for parking control in Schaerbeek, a region in Brussels with a large blue zone parking area. More than ten thousand cars park here every day, and manual control of the limited time blue zone parking area is labor-intensive and time-consuming.

Two rounds

Rauwers will therefore use the our ScanGenius scan car. We are Dutch market leader for delivering scan car solutions and are therefore asked to think about different application possibilities of scan cars in Belgium.

The Rauwers scan car participates in normal traffic, while scanning the number plates of all parked cars. The photo of the number plate and the exact location are forwarded to a central, cloud-based back-office system. Just over two hours later, the scan car drives the same route again.


Basis on the data of the two scan car rounds, combined with data from the permit system, the back-office generates a list of suspects; cars that do not have a parking right together with the exact location plus photographs. The tablet of the enforcement agent show exactly where he should go and which is the best route. This is a very efficient and effective way of enforcement and fining.

Control information

In addition to efficiency improvements, this also provides a lot of additional data. Analysis of this data offers information about parking problems, parking behaviour and parking duration. With this information, the city of Brussels can improve the parking policy and the enforcement agents of Rauwers can be deployed much more efficiently.


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