Scan car or scooter? Try it yourself!


Have you ever wondered whether a scan car or scooter is interesting for your city? Increase the willingness to pay. Do more work with fewer people. Sharpen the parking policy on time based on trends from well-founded data. That can be the consequences of using a scan car. Experience it too with a pilot!

No obligations

Please contact us without any further obligations. Where do you stand? What do you need to arrange? What can it do for you? Which form fits your city? We have more than 10 cars in 5 cities and have gained a lot of experience.

Try it yourself

And if you are seriously considering, would you like to experience it yourself? We would like to offer a demonstration or a pilot with a scan car or scooter. You can feel what it means and we get an overview of your specific situation, so we offer specific advice.


Feel free to contact us now and who knows, you will soon drive a scan car in your own city

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