Scan car covers entire Leiden every day


Leiden has recently started to use their TMC scan car. It can automatically check all parked cars to see whether they've paid their parking fee. It can check all parked cars in one day, but it doesn't.

Late January 2017 the city of Leiden switched to number plate tekenparking in order to increase the efficiency of parking enforcement. Part of this efficiency is the use of a scan car, and Leiden recently started operation with their TMC scan car.

Any route

Alderman Strijk explains that every day the scan car follows a completely random route to check cars on a valid parking tickets or permit. "Based on time and distance, the scan car can check all parked cars every day, but not to be too predictable, the route is different every day. It is possible that on a day the car checks the same street three times and the next day not at all."

Leiden has one scan car in operation. "That's enough," says Strijk. However, there is always a spare car and a backup system available.

Photo: © Chris de Waard

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