Roosendaal keeps out scooters with camera enforcement


The city of Roosendaal is one of the first cities in the Netherlands to keep scooters out of the city center with camera enforcement by Brickyard. The four ANPR cameras are located at the access roads to the Markt and automatically register the number plates of passing scooters.

On August 23 the first four ANPR cameras were installed at the Markt in Roosendaal, later more cameras will be installed at the Nieuwe Markt. All to prevent annoying scooters, which often drive too fast, to enter the city center.

Manager Sales of Brickyard Martin van Beurden hands the first ANPR camera to Alderman Cees Lok:

And he talks about the special ANPR cameras that are used:

In the coming period the cameras will be tested, then follows a period of warnings. Drivers who make the mistake the first time get a warning, but with a second violation they get a fine of 95 euros.


With the introduction of camera enforcement, the Roosendaal city center will become a pedestrian zone where bicycles are also allowed. Residents, entrepreneurs and delivery services in the area have been informed personally by the municipality and can request an exemption.


By keeping scooters out, the city hopes to improve the quality of life in the Roosendaal city center.


Sources: Omroep Brabant and ZuidWest TV (in Dutch)
© photos: Christian Traets Fotografie

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