Reliable parking occupation measurement with ANPR cameras in Emmen


The city of Emmen wants to make it easier for parkers to find their way: Different parking route information signs will indicate the number of free parking spaces in real time. In four major parking lots, the occupation is measured through the barriers, but on the free parking site P-Centrum Oost there is no barrier. TMC will install there highly reliable automatic number plate recognition cameras to count the number of vehicles, even more precise than with old-fashioned detection loops.

Easy parking

By using a Parking Route Information System (PRIS) it should be easier for drivers to find a parking space in and around Emmen. According to project manager Peter Ottens the main philosophy behind the new parking system is "To be a good host for our visitors. We want to decreasing the amount of traffic through the city centre and improve the traffic flow on the main routes." Search traffic will decrease, so the city is less affected by harmful emissions.

ANPR cameras

On four of the five major parking lots, occupancy is measured using the barriers. On the free parking site P-Centrum Oost there are no barriers. TMC will install automatic number plate recognition cameras (ANPR-cameras) that scan the number plates of all the vehicles entering and leaving the parking location. In the central TMC back-office system Brickyard this data is converted to the occupancy of the parking lot. The number of free spaces is sent to the PRIS and shown on the information signs in and around the city.

The TMC ANPR cameras are also used for critical solutions like Minipark camera parking and ANP Access Control. The high reliability allows for a very accurate vehicle count, and therefore the number of free spaces, much more accurate than is possible with regular detection loop-counting.

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