Quickly up and running in Harlingen


Solve a problem that was not preventable, quickly and efficiently. Brickyard can do it. This was apparent when recently, the parking server malfunctioned in the parking garage at the ferry terminal in Harlingen.

Server malfunction is bad luck

Technique is fallible; the Van Meurs family company who manage the underground car park in Harlingen harbour, near the ferry to Terschelling, recently experienced that. And just on a Sunday - when the parking garage is full and lots of people pick up their cars after a weekend at the Wadden island - the hard disk drive of Designa’s SlimPark parking system's brakes down.

Please fix quickly

Payment then becomes a manual and therefore tedious task, just like opening the barriers. This requires extra manpower and, moreover, additional time, which is of great nuisance for the parkers. How to solve that problem as soon as possible?

Quickly up and running

It can be done! Brickyard has a server in stock. The company's engineers quickly set it up for Van Meurs with the right software and data, and the system is up and running again in no more than a day. Great work by our technicians!

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