Problemless parking at hotel Mitland in Utrecht


Parking regulation at hotels can be really simple, effective and vandal-proof. Brickyard offers Designa's SlimPark robust barriers, a bar code reader and a smart back-office system. And that pretty much all you need.

Strikingly hospitable

Opposite Fort de Bilt, on the outskirts of Utrecht, lies one of the most hospitable hotels in the Netherlands: hotel Mitland. Just as green on the inside as it is on the outside, this hotel is home to many international sports teams, such as the sympathetic English women's football team.

Simple and effective

Parking in the densely populated city of Utrecht is not easy; parking pressure is high and vandalism is common. Hotel Mitland has a closed parking lot with paid parking. The SlimPark system that regulates this is both simple and effective. Visitors draw a ticket at the barrier. Hotel guests hand this in at the reception and can then enter and leave the car park with their Hotek keycard - which also allows access to the hotel room. Conference visitors receive an exit ticket directly upon registration.


In addition, SlimPark is pretty vandal-proof. The barriers can withstand quite a bit of force. And the simple solution that parkers must have their tickets scanned at the reception before they leave, prevents car burglaries. Someone has to appear at the reception desk and is therefore no longer anonymous.

Outstanding service

And with their excellent service, the employees of Brickyard make sute that the hotel can work with the system 24 hours a day, without any worries.


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