Parking system rental for Klercq parking lot in Alkmaar


MAB Development will be renting an advanced parking solution from TMC for parking lot Klercq in Alkmaar. A system in the cloud, remote management, ticketless and with CCTV. A solution which also produces management information, allowing the optimization of the service.

MAB Development manages parking lot Klercq in Alkmaar and wants to renew the parking system. The new parking system has to function completely stand-alone, so there’s no need for a manager on site. This is possible if all intercom calls are diverted to an emergency room and there are cameras for a total view of the location.

A barrier and cameras, but no tickets

TMC has the best solution for this parking lot: the Abacus ticketless parking system from Designa. The parkers drive up to the entry terminal where they insert their debit or credit card, after which the barrier opens. On departure the parker again insert his debit or credit card. After the payment is done automatically through this ‘Dip & Go at the barrier’, he can leave the parking lot. TMC also installs CCTV cameras at the entry and exit, which offer a good view of the parking lot.

Management information for customer service

The complete parking system is cloud-based, optimally protected from outside influences and has a maximum uptime. The integrated intercom system makes it possible to analyse all intercom calls such as response times and duration of calls. This information helps to create even more customer satisfaction.

Parking system rental

The complete system is supplied in a rental construction. This way, MAB Development has no purchase costs, they only pay a monthly fee.

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