Parking in a busy parking garage: piece of cake!


EasyGuide directs parkers in busy garages directly to a parking place. This ensures ease of use, increased use of the garage and optimal occupancy. This system has a favorable price-performance ratio and works like a charm!

No overview in busy garages

Those who go shopping in the city on Saturdays and choose the car as a means of transport usually finds a parking space in one of the parking garages near the shops. If you come early, there is no problem at al. However, in the middle of the day, it may be quite busy in such a garage, and sometimes it is difficult to find an available spot. Some people find looking for a place so stressful that they even avoid parking garages.

Stop the parking stress

How convenient it would be if you do not have to search for a place. When you enter the garage, you see how many parking spaces are available and are then escorted to the nearest spot. That possibility exists and is called EasyGuide; the easy-to-use parking guidance system that sends visitors quickly and efficiently to a free space. With EasyGuide, garage parking is no longer a challenge for anyone, but always a pleasure.

Find a place in no time

EasyGuide shows the number of free parking spaces even before entering the parking garage. Above every parking space hangs a clearly visible, colored led light. Red means 'occupied', green means 'free'. You can easily see where the free spots are, searching is no longer needed.

Win win situation

The Stadhuisgarage in Almere is equipped with this system and it works like a charm. The benefits of EasyGuide are not just for the parkers who no longer have to search. Advantages for the garage operator are that the system makes the garage more attractive to visitors and that it helps to optimize the occupation. The already affordable system has a quick return on investment.

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