Optimal and worry-free management by Brickyard


A software system works best, if it is well setup. The functional manager ensures this. Do you have someone with a lot of knowledge? If the answer is negative; no problem! Brickyard can do the functional management for you.

Only benefits

When someone with a sense of business organizes your Brickyard system, you are quickly up-and-running. The Brickyard specialists ensure optimal coordination between the specific conditions within your organization and the Brickyard platform. You then get more ROI from the system and the end users are satisfied.


Brickyard continuously works on new functionalities and optimizing existing user options. The Brickyard functional manager can advise and instruct you on this. He installs the system and optimizes the Brickyard back-office and hand terminal(s), provides training, gives advice and can even take over daily back-office work from the cities' functional manager, if desired.

Pre-paid management

It works like a kind of pre-paid management. You purchase the works upfront, in so-called 'day parts'. Our functional manager keeps track of his activities and reports on the hours worked and the remaining hours. The smallest unit for registration is half an hour. The credit hours is valid for 1 year. Unused hours will expire after that year.

Effective and efficient

With this method we reduce the administrative costs for all parties and at the same time reduce the response time to requests for support.

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