Open and friendly car park in Tiel with camera parking


The city of Tiel wants to convert the Burense Poort car park into an open, spacious, accessible and customer friendly park with a modern post-paid parking system. Without barriers and preferably without too many roadwork.

No enforcement needed on site

TMC offers Minipark camera parking; a simple parking system that only uses ANPR cameras and payment terminals. Anyone can freely drive in and out, the ANPR cameras check whether they have paid their parking fee. The system creates a daily list of offenders in the back-office for approving by a sworn employee of the city, an enforcement agent on site is therefore unnecessary.

Discount card for Albert Heijn customers

The Albert Heijn supermarket will have a discount system, which works with discount cards with a QR code. The supermarket offers these to its customers. By presenting the card at the payment terminal, visitors receive a discount on their parking fee. All payment terminals can scan these cards, so it doesn’t matter where the large parking area the Albert Heijn visitor parks or pays.

Also for mobile phone parking

Minipark camera parking is linked with a central Parking Rights Database, so mobile phone parking (for example with Yellowbrick) is also possible at this location.

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