Oostzaan strikes back against cut-through traffic


During rush hours, a lot of traffic tries to avoid the traffic jam sensitive A8 between Amsterdam and Alkmaar / Purmerend, leading to daily traffic problems in Oostzaan. Road safety is becoming a serious problem, because of the village’s limited infrastructure. In addition, this limited road network is shared by both fast and slow traffic.

Recent measurements show that in the evening rush hour a significant part of the traffic in Oostzaan is cut-through traffic. Motorists who need to travel from the east to Zaandam or motorists going south from Purmerend; there are many cars driving through the village that have need of being there. The city takes measures and regulates entry restrictions.


There is a simple solution to enforce these restrictions. In December Brickyard will install two TrafficEnforcement ANPR cameras. In the back-office, the number plates of all exemption holders, such as residents, suppliers and emergency services are registered. Everyone else may not enter the city during rush hours. An enforcement agent checks the findings afterwards so that the offenders will receive a fine.

The aim of the city of Oostzaan is to increase road safety through a change in behaviour. Because less traffic in the street immediately increases road safety.

Important when introducing TrafficEnforcement is that the plan of approach for number plate registrations is submitted with the local Openbaar Ministerie (Public Prosecution Service). That is one of the things cities need to organize in order to use ANPR cameras for enforcement. After that, the cameras can be installed on the street and the enforcement can begin.

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