OfficePark hip & happening at Teleport Hotel


With the easy to use OfficePark we now add to the relaxed atmosphere of the Amsterdam Teleport Hotel. Two number plate cameras, a barrier, intercoms and a remarkably customer-friendly back-office provide optimal hospitality and put an end to parking hassle. Reason for a party!

A lot of vandalism

The enthusiastic entrepreneurs of the Amsterdam Teleport Hotel are housed in two former office buildings near the Amsterdam Sloterdijk station. A contemporary place where especially young people from all over the world find a relaxed and affordable accommodation.

The large car park once had an entrance near the reception and an exit on the other side of the site, both with barriers. Out of sight of everyone and everything, the barrier at the exit was often vandalized by parkers who did not want to pay. That costs money and causes hassle. There were also regularly unknown cars on the site which stayed a long time. Not what you want...

Easy in and out!

Such problems disappear like snow in the sun with OfficePark. The old exit has been dismantled and the entrance is now a combined entrance and exit, in front of the reception. The number plate cameras there read the number plates of incoming and outgoing vehicles. Anyone who has booked a room or is an employee can access the site, the barrier will open automatically. Whose number plate is not known, reports to the intercom and gains access. You can only get out, if you have permission, for hotel guests after payment.

No abuse, space for many

Thanks to the number plate registration, the hotel knows exactly who is parked. Abuse of the terrain is a thing of the past. Because the hotel has plenty of parking space, they also lease places to the tenants of neighboring office buildings. This is easy to manage in OfficePark and colleagues from the neighborhood can enter and leave the parking area without any problems - naturally for a fee.

And that much convenience for Amsterdam Teleport Hotel is reason for a party!


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