New cashless payment terminals in Waterleidingduinen recreation area


Waternet, the organisation who controls the "Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen" (Amsterdam dunes for drinking water) and the associated recreation area will renew the payment terminals on their parking lots. The existing five terminals will be replaced by six cashless terminals with Dip & Go. The parkers don’t have to enter their PIN-code, which makes card skimming impossible. In addition to paying parking fees, visitors can also use these machines to purchase an entrance ticket or recharge their annual subscription.

The Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen is a popular recreation area. There are multiple (post paid) parking lots. Waternet will replace the existing machine with new Abacus payment terminals.

Trend towards cashless

The six new payment terminals only accept debit cards, which follows an ongoing trend that more and more customers opt for cashless parking systems. Cashless payment terminals are uninteresting for criminals and because the machines don’t have to be emptied, the operational costs are lower.

Safe debit card payment

A payment terminal in a somewhat remote area may be an interesting object for skimmers. The new terminals use Dip & Go: The parker only needs to approve the payment, input of a PIN-code is not necessary, which makes skimming impossible. A safe idea for the users!

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