More parking convenience with number plate based Texel e-vignette


Texel has recently started to offer more convenience island visitors with the texel e-vignette; an electronic parking right that one can purchase online in advance. Those who book a stay or ferry service online can immediately buy a parking right. And for those already on the island: the vignette is also available at the TMC parking meters!

The island of Texel has paid parking. TMC has recently installed new parking meters where short term parkers can buy a parking ticket. For long-term parking Texel offers a weekly, monthly or annual ticket in the form of the Texel e-vignette.

By phone or at the counter

The e-vignette can be ordered either via the digital counter on the city’s website and via any mobile device and all European license plates. Also, hotels and other service providers to the possibility of a link visitors have pre-purchased e-vignette. The vignette is also just at the counter of the municipality of Texel and request the parking meters.

Weekly, monthly or annual ticket

Parkers can purchase the Texel e-vignette for various periods, a day, a week or a year. Once a user has selected a time, he can select the start date for the vignette and enter his number plate and his email address. The parker receives a confirmation of his purchase at this email address, putting a parking ticket behind the windshield is no longer necessary; the enforcement agents check the parking right based on the number plate.

Ease of use for the city

Enforcers agents can digitally check the validity of a parking right with their handheld device. The city of Texel can change a number plate in the back-office, for instance when an incorrect number plate is entered.

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